SoundTrack_Zurich - The Swiss conference on film and media music 

SoundTrack_Zurich 04 is the three-day professional event on film and media music held as part of the Zurich Film Festival. The conference offers a series of panels, networking sessions, case studies and workshops that address current issues in today's film and media music scene. Another important element is the networking of film composers with the international guests of the Zurich Film Festival.

SoundTrack_Zurich is organised by Forum Filmmusik, curated by Michael P. Aust (SoundTrack_Cologne) in collaboration with Zurich Film Festival (ZFF), Tonhalle-Gesellschaft Zürich, ZHdK (Zurich University of Arts), SoundTrack_Cologne and SONART (Musikschaffende Schweiz).

New strong appearance: Film music at the Zurich Film Festival

For many years, the Zurich Film Festival (ZFF) has been inviting important international film composers like Hans Zimmer (Pirates of the Carribean, Lion King), Gabriel Yared (English Patient, Bruno Manser) and has had composers like Cliff Martinez (Drive, Solaris), Anne Dudley (The Full Monty), Don Davis (Matrix) preside the Jury of the International Film Music Competition. The annual film music concert at the Tonhalle Zurich has been one of the highlights of the festival. The Zurich Film Festival’s new artistic director Christian Jungen aims to open up even more to film music.

SoundTrack_Zurich (STZ) is closely linked to the ZFF and its guests as well as to the International Film Music Competition. With IMMSANE (International Media Music & Sound Arts | Network in Education) ZHdK hosts a platform for an international exchange about university education in film and media music.

In this sense, SoundTrack_Zurich acts as an umbrella brand for all film music activities that take place during the Zurich Film Festival.

SoundTrack_Zurich: Organisation
STZ is organised by Forum Filmmusik and curated as an independent event by SoundTrack_Cologne and Forum Filmmusik. STZ is organizationally and financially independent of the ZFF.

SoundTrack_Zurich is organised by Forum Filmmusik in cooperation with:
Zurich Film Festival | SoundTrack_Cologne | IMMSANE International Media Music and Sound Arts Network in Education | ZHdK Zurich University of the Arts | Forum Filmusik

Links to the cooperation partners:

Steering Committee: 

  • Christian Jungen: Artistic Director Zurich Film Festival ZFF 
  • Michael P. Aust: Festival Director SoundTrack_Cologne STC
  • Professor André Bellmont: ZHdK, IMMSAME
  • Reta Guetg: Head of Industry Zurich Film Festival ZFF
  • Pierre Funck: President Forum Filmmusik, Board Member SMECA, Head of International Filmmusic Competition(Leitung Steering Commitee)
  • NN: Tonhalle Zürich


Program Advisory Board

  • Pierre Funck: President Forum Filmmusik
  • Mirjam Skal: Board Member SMECA, Vice-Preäsident Forum Filmmusik
  • Professor André Bellmont: ZHdK, IMMSANE
  • Martin Skalsky: Film-Composer and Director
  • Lionel Baldenweg: Vice-President SMECA
  • Lysander Gelewski: Board Member SMECA



  • Michael P. Aust, Curator SoundTrack_Zurich, STC
  • Simeon Ostberg, Production Manager, STC
  • Reta Guetg, Head of Industry ZFF
  • Nicole Müller, Project Manager Event/Sponsoring ZFF
  • Pierre Funck: President Forum Filmmusik (Fundraising)
  • Lysander Gelewski: Board Member SMECA (Fundraising)